Outside, inside, open, closed, curtained, cracked, rear, stained, great, tiny, taped-up, jammed, clean, clear, cloudy, open, rolled-down, tinted, painted shut


A show about contemporary frames of looking, and of objects to be looked at and through.

Fall/Winter 2014

Opening November 8, 2014

About Northern-Southern

Northern-Southern is a design/production studio that creates print, motion, identity, editorial, exhibition, and interactive work for a broad range of commercial, cultural, culinary, and non-profit clients, large and small. The studio was founded in 2013 by Phillip Niemeyer previously of Double Triple of Brooklyn, New York. Niemeyer is currently a lecturer at the University of Texas School of Art and Design.

Northern-Southern’s clients include The Ford Foundation, The Boston Globe, Andrew Carmellini/NoHo Hospitality Group, Micklethwait Craft Meats, James Schamus/Symbolic Exchange Inc, National Wildlife Federation, The Sierra Club, Issue Project Room, Robin Henry Studio, Monkey Town, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Merge Records, Josh Ritter, P.P.O.W. Art Gallery, Art F City, and Jim Eno/Public Hi-Fi.

In addition to work for clients, Northern-Southern regularly produces and hosts independent exhibitions and design projects.

Northern-Southern is devoted to honesty, humanity and the craft of thinking through making.