limits and possibilities of documentation

Friday April 22, 2016

What does a memory look like?

WARM ASHES is the echo of the performance show BLUE FLAMES and an exploration of the forms, limits, and possibilities of documentation – monuments, tools, artifacts, audio recordings, videos, photography, oral accounts, written recollections, opinions, and combinations thereof.

Special 8×10 glossy signing by
Liza Minnelli (Bridget Evarts) (7pm)

Encore performances by
Benjamin Cissner (8pm)
Matt Steinke/Octant (9pm)

Objects and documentation of actions by:

Brad Tucker as Bad Trucker
Caroline Gormley
Jared Leibowich
Julia Lucille
Lisa Choinacky
Monika Rostvold
Rachel Freeman
Sarah Saltwick & Katy Taylor
Sean Ripple
Shafer Hall
Sol LeWitt Bootlegs

On Saturday, March 26, 2016, Northern–Southern hosted BLUE FLAMES. a day of performances – live drawing, music, spoken word, theater, performance art, and combinations thereof. WARM ASHES will celebrate, memorialize, honor, explain, opine, or forget to mention most of that day. This show may be of interest to both those who were there at BLUE FLAMES and those who missed it.

Like a flame is an action as an object, the art at BLUE FLAMES existed for the ‘now’. Intended to reference the past, the documentations in WARM ASHES are also new things, contexts and experiences in and of themselves. Documentary objects are mirrors in windows.


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About Northern-Southern

Northern-Southern nurtures new expression in art, design, music, literature, and culture. Exhibitions are currently held at 1800 Koenig Lane, in the Crestview/Alandale area of Austin, Texas.


Northern-Southern is currently directed by Phillip Niemeyer. Rachel Freeman is a curator.

1800 Koenig Lane
Austin, Texas 78756-1209





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publications and other media
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