November 30–December 3

Laura Lit at NADA Miami 2022

Booth P08

Northern-Southern’s first art fair. We’re bringing Laura Lit to NADA Miami. Come see us at Booth P08.

Email if you would like a preview, and we’ll send you one.

Laura Lit, “Crumbcatcher”, 2022, wood, foam, paper, cardboard, paperclay, resin, acrylic, oil, 5’x4’x6″
November 11–December 18

Virginia Fleck fills the gallery with shimmers of sound and light, strings of tens of thousands of aluminum can tabs. From salvage and discard, Fleck weaves a tour de force of serenity, wonder, and peace.

Visit Thursday–Sunday, 2-6 pm until December 18.

SHIMMER opened 11-11 on 11:11 am.

Press Release [pdf]