Artist Run Club

Artist Run Club is for art lovers who run and runners who love art. Walkers, too. Or anyone who wants to join us every Wednesday, 6:30am, at a different gallery, studio, collection, or art space.

We look at art for 30 minutes, then go for a short run: 3.5 miles or so with a 2 mile option. Often the artists or curators will give us a talk. Alyssa of AOK Physical Therapy provides coffee and bananas.

We’ve met 51 weeks a year every year since October 2021. To read more: Nancy Zastudil wrote a profile of the club for Texas Arts and Culture magazine.

To keep up with club and the new runs, find us on instagram. Or email to be added to our mailing list.

Running in groups and on roadways is dangerous. Serious bodily injury and death can occur even when you and those around you are exercising extraordinary care. You must run at your own risk. By joining any of our runs, all participants hereby release Artist Run Club, their organizers, and all other persons and entities from all liability. Thank you for being safe!