Northern-Southern is in downtown Austin, on E. 5th Street halfway between Brazos & San Jacinto. (google map)

Look for the NORTHERN-SOUTHERN sign and a blue door with art by Kel Brown inset from the sidewalk.

visiting hours

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 2-6 pm.

The gallery will be closed for Thanksgiving Thursday, but will be open Friday and the rest of the holiday weekend.

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every project is a community

Northern-Southern nurtures and champions new expression in art, design, and culture in Austin, Texas.

art design for people places

Northern–Southern offers art design and production services. Contact to request a portfolio of projects or to schedule a pow wow.


Phillip Niemeyer
James Turner
Greg Valentine
Stella Alessi
Rachel Freeman
Keyheira Keys
Mike Reddy
Rufus Tureen
Whitney Kimball
Connor Downs
Amanda Julia Steinback
Adreon Henry
Andrea Bullock
Paisley Blair
Audrey Molloy
Carlos Orozco
Molly Wallace

mailing address

411 Brazos #105 Austin 78701