Jun 10–25

Amy Scofield
Ann Armstrong
Ash Duban
Christos Pathiakis
Giampiero Selvaggio
Given McClure
Hannah Spector
Jesse Cline
Leon Alesi
Phillip Niemeyer
Rachael Starbuck
Sterling Allen
Tammy West
Ted Carey

FROM revisits Northern–Southern’s pandemic outdoor exhibitions continuing where TOOO left off now that the pandemic has been declared over.

What does this wild art mean now, in a New Austin too quick for memory?

Artwork will be dispersed across the city of Austin and beyond in the semi-public and overlooked spaces. In the gallery will be pieces derived from or connected to the works — sketches, parts, models — arrayed as a map on the floor and walls.

A print map to the sites will be available in the gallery and published as a pdf. PDF Maps with links to pins will be sent out when the show begins, Saturday, June 10. Sign up to receive a map below. You should be sent a confirmation email after signing up.

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Christos Pathiakis installation in the bank of Barton Creek.
Christos Pathiakis, installation in the bank of Barton Creek, 2021, 2023