May 18–Jun 28

Andrew Humke
Michelle Marchesseault
L. Renée Núñez
Emma Rossoff

Networks of mutual reliance and tenuous balance, everything depends on each other.

New painting and sculpture from Austin.

Visit: Thursday–Sunday, 2-6pm, beginning May 19
Opening: Saturday, May 18, 6-9pm
Mai Snow & Katherine Vaughn Performance: Sunday, May 26, 4pm
Artist Run Club: Wednesday, June 12, 6:30am

Andrew Humke — painter originally from Ohio. New to Austin, he is often in Marseille, France, where he is represented by Southway Studio. He contributes an oil on large canvas—a paradox of empty bowls filling each other.

Michelle Marchesseault ­— painter originally from Indiana, working between Austin and New York. She most recently showed her Pompeii paintings at NADA Miami 2023. In the show are three recent paintings: a quartet of queer friends unite on a rural walk, family history as knick knacks on a wavy shelf, and a joyful apotheosis of linked breath and pasta.

L. Renée Núñez — indigenous painter and dancer, working in Lago Vista. This is her first show with Northern-Southern. She paints two landscapes each stretched on the wall. Each sensuously depicts a symbiotic network of life without people.

Emma Rossoff — sculptor and a recent graduate from the UT MFA program with a BA from Columbia. Originally from New York, she is working in Austin. Her most recent shows were at Shed~Shows and the Cage Match at Museum of Human Achievement. Northern-Southern is excited to show a suite of new sculptures: disembodied hands grip and caress each other in surreal and often funny oppositions and conflations.

interdependence is organized by Phillip Niemeyer.

Email and we’ll send you a checklist of works.

Michelle Marchesseault, Road to Lordville, 2023, vinyl paint on linen, 28 x 32 inches
May 18–21

NADA New York City 2023

548 West 22nd
2nd Floor

The NADA New York city art fair is from May 18-21 at 548 West 22nd, near 11th Avenue, a block from the Highline.

We’ll be on the 2nd floor, P22, with new paintings by Michelle Marchesseault and Christine Heindl, and woven sculpture by Donya Stockton.

Christine Heindl
Michelle Marchesseault
Donya Stockton
Mar 26 – Apr 30

Michelle Marchesseault

Twists and Riverscapes. Picnics in ancient places. Memories tumbled with magic. Vulnerable practices, explosions of sunlight. Change and comfort.

Green Eyes are new paintings by Michelle Marchesseault, her second solo show with Northern–Southern.

Visiting hours Thursday to Sunday, 2-6 pm.

Special events to be announced.

Michelle Marchesseault

Michelle Marchesseault

Jun 25–Jul 24

Stella Alesi


Michael W. Hall
Michelle Marchesseault
Evan Horn

spirit forms, continuous and ever-changing
& describes Alesi’s art and practice: flowing always to new forms and new reasons. Alesi works in a series:, each an era in a moment, marking the emotional time of the making. They seldom revisit a series. Alesi moves to the next one, and the next, and the next. And, and, and.

a solo show as a community
& is a Stella Alesi solo show as a community. Alesi invited four artists to contribute­—friends and those they admire from afar. All searching abstractionists, seeking to make a spirit material. Each artist balances rigor with freedom, finding the eternal in the moment of making: Momo, Michelle Marchesseault, Michael W. Hall, and Evan Horn.

email to request a list of available works

read more:
Stella Alesi & Momo, Michelle Marchesseault, Michael W. Hall, Evan Horn ‘zine [pdf]

photos by Stella Alesi:

2-22 to 2-29

two over two

Phillip Niemeyer
& Friends

2/2 (“Two Over Two”) opened at the beginning of Pisces Season: 2-22-22 and closes on the day that would be 2-29 ( aka March 1).

Every day at 2:22 pm Phillip Niemeyer re-hung the show, often with Katherine Vaughn.

Friday, 2-25
2:22 pm — art is rearranged
hosted by Mark Fagan

Saturday, 2-26
2:22 pm — art is rearranged with dancer Katherine Vaughn
hosted by Beth Nottingham

Sunday, 2-27
2:22 pm — art is rearranged with dancer Katherine Vaughn
hosted by Phillip Niemeyer

Monday, 2-28
2:22 pm — art is rearranged and photographed by artist Amanda Julia Steinback. Those present could be subjects of the photos, as well.
hosted by Amanda Julia Steinback

Tuesday, 3-1
2:22 pm — art is rearranged for the last time.
4:44 pm — closing happy hour
hosted by Amanda Julia Steinback

Wednesday, 3-2
Artist Run Club Runception
6:30 am — art, one last time, with talk through by Phillip Niemeyer
7:00 am — Town (Ladybird) Lake Run
coffee and bananas

Katherine Vaughn & Phillip Niemeyer hanging 2/2 at 2:22, 2-24. Video grab by Stella Alesi
%, 2019, acrylic on wood panel, 24×24 inches, hang any way
Emma Hadzi Antich, Eye, 2021, acrylic and metal-leaf or gold leaf on a rock from Mont Sainte-Odile