APR 2016


Brad Tucker as Bad Trucker
Caroline Gormley
Jared Leibowich
Bridget Evarts
Lisa Choinacky
Benjamin Cissner
Matthew Steinke/Octant
Monika Rostvold
Rachel Freeman
Sarah Saltwick & Katy Taylor
Sean Ripple
Shafer Hall
Sol LeWitt Bootlegs

BLUE FLAMES and WARM ASHES were companion events. BLUE FLAMES was a day-long show of music, performance art, experimental theater, poetry, story-telling, and visual art as choreographed movement. Weeks later, WARM ASHES presented documentation and remains of the previous show.

A flame is a verb as a noun — the object (the plume of fire) is an action (burning, a rapid chemical change). The is is a does. Ashes are what flames leave behind.

At BLUE FLAMES, Lisa Choinacky drew and hung two large pieces. The video documentation and the pieces were shown at WARM ASHES. Artist Bridget Evarts spoke as Liza Minnelli at BLUE FLAMES. At WARM ASHES she made a encore appearance, signing 8×10 glossies photographed at the previous event. And so on… Poets’ readings were made into texts. Stages for performance became installations. Singers’ songs were played on an old tape recorder at the spot in the room where the tape was recorded.

Lisa Choinacky

Caroline Gorely
Bridget Evarts as Liza
Sean Ripple
passenger Instructions for “This is Hardcore” – a performance for car
MATTER is a one-actor play about an astronaut written by Sarah Saltwick and performed by Katy Taylor at BLUE FLAMES. For WARM ASHES, Taylor’s space suit costume was displayed floating weightless above the room.
Sol LeWitt Bootlegs are instruction art pieces very loosely based on Sol LeWitt wall drawings and geared toward drafts-people of any skill level. Two were made during BLUE FLAMES.