work (and/or/as) conversation w/

Greg Foley
Karen Gelardi
Rick Griffith
Mykola Haleta
Dev Harlan
Elaine I-Ling Shen
Prem Krishnamurthy
Karel Martens
Meredith Miller
Christina Moser
Meghan Shogan
Simon Walker
Tigress Tile
Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

WORK PLAY MONEY LOVE WHAT IT IS WHAT COULD BE BOTH NEITHER ART DESIGN surveys creative practices that overlap cultures, primarily professional design and fine art, but also politics, business, spirituality, and social change. Never outliers, just rarely discussed—hybrid art-design practices have blossomed in the twenty-first century. The show is a conversation about art-design as a profession shaped by contradictory pressures and motives. We attempt to find—and share—ways to talk about the ways we work now.

Zine interviewing the show’s participants [pdf]

Press Release [pdf]

Nov 4
Austin Design Week Preview

For Austin Design Week, the show will be presented mid-installation as the backdrop for a open conversation about doing and thinking. Artists and curators will chat with visitors and refreshments will be served. We will talk about how we should talk about the work we do now. — Monday, Nov 4, 2-4pm

Nov 9
Opening Reception

Refreshments and conversations — Saturday, Nov 9, 6–9 pm

Nov 16–17, 23–24
E.A.S.T. Tour #133

Nov 23 — Saturday
Greg Foley <– –> Mike Reddy Q & A


Nov 30 — Saturday
Elaine I-Ling Shen <– –> Meghan Shogan Q & A

Visiting Hours 3-6:30 pm

Dec 7 — Saturday
Visiting Hours — Saturdays, 3-6:30 pm

Post-Play Workshop
Join us at the gallery for an interactive workshop developed by Prem Krishnamurthy and collaborators. We’ll take 30 minutes to imagine the future of work, play, and us.

Dec 11
Last Chance Happy Hour
5–7 pm

Dec 12