August 22 – September 22

options at the end of options

Adreon Denson Henry
Amanda Julia Steinback
Amy Scofield
Emma Hadzi Antich
Laura Latimer
Leon Alesi
Mai Gutierrez
Ric Nelson
Sarah Fagan
Saul Jerome San Juan
Sean Ripple
Staci Maloney
Tammy West


No Outlet is a gallery of interventions and intentions at dead ends, sidewalk ends, cul-de-sacs, end of paths, and no outlets, dispersed across Austin.

Organizer’s Statement

We can read the signage and roads of our City as texts: fictions, histories, habits, doodles, scripts, tarots…

The “No Outlet” sign marks an end of explicit options. The art made for these stages present new options.

—Phillip Niemeyer