Naomi Schlinke
James Turner

James Turner and Naomi Schlinke paint collages and collage paintings. Making becomes a product of movement, simultaneously improvisational and planned, repetitive and unique.

Schlinke’s recent pieces are self-contained meditations, calm but evocative like a wild ritual or a sacred freedom. Visual and kinesthetic, her practice draws upon her early years as a dancer in 1970s San Francisco. Turner is grounded, humble. He calls his works “drah-rins”. They feel like long walks with old friends.

Visting Hours Saturdays 3–6:30pm

Artist Talk Happy Hour
Wednesday, February 12, 6-8pm
(talk at 7pm)
“12th on 12th”

Show closes after visiting hours, Saturday February 15.

Zine for the show interviewing Turner and Schlinke [pdf]

Press Release [pdf]