March 6–31

paths and directions considered, continued
outdoors Austin, Texas, and beyond

Alyssa Taylor Wendt
Adreon Denson Henry
Emma Hadzi Antich
Laura Latimer
Sean Ripple
Staci Maloney & Michelle Smolensky
Tammy West
Ted Carey
Zoe Berg
Emily Lee
Jonas Criscoe
Phillip Niemeyer
Rachel Freeman
Amanda Julia Steinback
Amy Scofield & Lisa Hallee
Chris Lyons


TOO is the renewal of TO, an outdoor show paths and directions considered as art experience installed outdoors, in semi-wild public spaces across Austin, Texas, and beyond. Some works from TO remain, some have changed, and others have faded. New paths emerge; TOO adds four additional pieces.

TOO will be an active concern until April when it will renew as TOOO with additional works.

The work in TO and TOO can most broadly speaking be called wild art. The media encompasses audio tours, trails, portals, sculpture, digital media, instructions, new land-marks, way-finding marks, sibyls, remote running sessions, and care stations. The work asks you to walk with it, around it, between it, by it, to it.

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Organizer’s Statement

TOO is the renewal of TO. Some paths faded, and others appear.

At its conclusion TOO will renew as TOOO. The show itself is a path to a future made by present choices.

—Phillip Niemeyer