Saturday, Feb 12, noon

Art Praxis Reading Group

Art Praxis Reading Group will meet at Northern-Southern, Saturday, February 12, noon.

You are invited to join! Email to RSVP

The group will discuss craft, being true to ourselves. The conversation will center around the final pages of Kae Tempest‘s book “On Connection” and the quote by Sophie Taeuber-Arp printed below.

Download the pdf of the last pages of Kae Tempest’s “On Connection”

In our complicated times, I have frequently asked myself why do we do such embroideries at all when there are so many more practical and especially more necessary things to do. I believe the urge to make things more beautiful is a deep and primeval one. Only when we go into ourselves and attempt to be entirely true to ourselves will we succeed in making things of value, living things, and in this way, help to develop a new style that’s fitting for us.

–Sophie Taeuber-Arp, 1922

Art Praxis Reading Group is organized by Charles Heppner with Naomi Schlinke, Jeffrey Primeaux, Tom Athey, Stella Alesi, Tyler Hobbs, Sydney Yeager and others.