August 11–September 10

images of hot doom float in translucent layers of soaked color

visit Thursday–Sunday, 2–6pm

Drew Liverman’s new paintings are immediate and oddly refined. Thin layers of summer-intense color soak into the canvas, or float above it. The compositions breathe with yin, and sear with eye-burn emotion and thought.

The subject matter: hot doom, the joys of love, bike rides, Olaf from Frozen, Goya’s covens, and scraps of what could be something for a place to live, for a time.

Introspective, with a funny gloom, these are paintings for an infinite summer.

The exhibition begins August 11 with visiting hours 2-6pm, Thursday to Sunday. Throughout the run of the show there may be receptions, talks, and other events. We’ll let you know by email and instagram.