Jan 13–Feb 18

ENDLESS is a solo presentation of new woven sculptures by Donya Stockton.

Cane and reed embrace copper, driftwoods and Oaxacan seedpods. Impossible baskets tether to reminders and renewals, each named for a book.

January 13–February 18, 2024

Saturday, January 13, 5-8pm. non-alcoholic refreshments

Visiting Hours:
Thursday–Sunday, 2-6pm, beginning Sunday, January 14

Artist Talk:
Donya Stockton in conversation with mathematicians Maggie Miller & Lisa Piccirillo, and writer Ben Reed.
Sunday, 5pm, January 14

Donya Stockton, Glory, 2023, cane, reed, driftwood, framboyán, copper

Donya Stockton (b. 1972 Moore, Oklahoma) has been weaving baskets for more than twenty-five years. Her education is in traditional techniques, especially the basket forms of the indigenous people of the United States. She has shown most recently with Northern-Southern at A COMMITMENT TO WHAT IS BEFORE YOU, January 2022, with Alexandre Pépin and Ryan McKerley, then at NADA New York 2023. Stockton was a fixture of the pre-pandemic Austin creative community as a owner and curator of the bar/community spaces Beerland and Rio Rita. She currently lives, works, and studies traditional weaving, materials, and dyes in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Donya Stockton, The New One, 2023, cane, reed, driftwood, copper
Donya Stockton, The Betrothed, 2023 cane, reed, driftwood, framboyán pods, cochineal dye, indigo dye