Laura Lit

Laura Lit (b. Dallas, Texas, 1979) educated first as a painter (BFA Rhode Island School of Design), then studied Special Effects Makeup for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School. In her twenties she worked in film and in art and architectural restoration, self-educating in a breadth of techniques from carpentry to the most subtle brush work. A material bravado and spiritual curiosity hallmarks her artwork.

Most recently at Northern-Southern, Lit presented a set of animal-sized painted reliefs: FAR IN.

Lit’s first Austin solo show was at Women and their Work in 2017: photorealistic oil portraits pierced with thread. For AFTER IMAGES at Northern-Southern 2018 Lit painted her first suite of abstractions: six gentle-edged ambiguous forms like life drawings of what we see with a tightly shut eyes. In N-S’s 2019 portrait show LIKEsNESS, Lit began to work with sculpture: two meticulous miniature clay busts, painted to life down to the complexion. Each statuette suggested a version of Lit herself. In 2020, kept from her studio by the pandemic, Lit drew. Her serial drawing show FUZZY FORCES was named Top in Texas by Glasstire, Summer 2020.