September 15–October 15

Lauren Moya Ford
Evan Horn

Lauren Moya Ford guides watery ink fields into candid invocations of memory, spirit, womanhood, and the body.

Evan Horn sculpts with clay dug from Texas riverbeds. Hand-shaped ceramic forms twist like vessels imitating liquids.

Ancient springs still flow.

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Headfull of Bees (aka Mikki Gibson)
Sunday, October 15, 4pm


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Press Release [pdf]

Evan Horn
Lauren Moya Ford
Jun 25–Jul 24

Stella Alesi


Michael W. Hall
Michelle Marchesseault
Evan Horn

spirit forms, continuous and ever-changing
& describes Alesi’s art and practice: flowing always to new forms and new reasons. Alesi works in a series:, each an era in a moment, marking the emotional time of the making. They seldom revisit a series. Alesi moves to the next one, and the next, and the next. And, and, and.

a solo show as a community
& is a Stella Alesi solo show as a community. Alesi invited four artists to contribute­—friends and those they admire from afar. All searching abstractionists, seeking to make a spirit material. Each artist balances rigor with freedom, finding the eternal in the moment of making: Momo, Michelle Marchesseault, Michael W. Hall, and Evan Horn.

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Stella Alesi & Momo, Michelle Marchesseault, Michael W. Hall, Evan Horn ‘zine [pdf]

photos by Stella Alesi: