Jul 14–Aug 20

Emma Hadzi Antich
Jade Walker
Jason Stopa
Logan Larsen
Matthew Langland
Sarah Fagan
Tim Thompson

For Titles, seven artists show artworks with the books (plays, poems, novels, comics, zines, and records) that inform and inspire them.

Emma Hadzi AntichThe Wood Demon by Anton Chekhov
Jade WalkerAncient Flowers by Chika Sagawa
Jason StopaThe Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachaelard
Logan LarsenThe Rainbow Review
Matthew Langland The Vault of Horror
Sarah FaganJane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
Tim ThompsonPink Moon by Nick Drake

Visit July 15–August 20
2-6 pm

If you would like a PDF checklist of available work, email hello@northern-southern.com and we will send you one as soon as it’s complete.

Jason Stopa, Orange Nude Architecture (After Matisse), 2022

Jason Stopa appears courtesy of Morgan Lehman Gallery.

Titles is organized by Phillip Niemeyer — The Gift by Lewis Hyde. Thanks to Connor Downs, Bucky Miller, and Mikila Zaorski.