Jun 10–25

Amy Scofield
Ann Armstrong
Ash Duban
Christos Pathiakis
Giampiero Selvaggio
Given McClure
Hannah Spector
Jesse Cline
Leon Alesi
Phillip Niemeyer
Rachael Starbuck
Sterling Allen
Tammy West
Ted Carey

FROM revisits Northern–Southern’s pandemic outdoor exhibitions continuing where TOOO left off now that the pandemic has been declared over.

What does this wild art mean now, in a New Austin too quick for memory?

Artwork will be dispersed outside across the city of Austin. Inside the gallery connected work is arrayed as a map of the City.

Gallery hours: Thursday-Sunday, 2-6pm, June 10-25th.

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Artist Run Club FROM Run: Mueller
Friday, June 16
6:45am—meet at the Giant Spider Sculpture
7 am—run

A casual 5k to see work by Hannah Spector in Cherrywood and Phillip Niemeyer in Seabrook. We’ll meet at the Giant Spider Sculpture at in Mueller off Berkman near Manor. There should be plentiful and free street parking. Phillip will be on the run and will talk about the work.

Artist Happy Hour:
Tammy West & Amy Scofield
Friday, June 16
4pm at Northern-Southern

A talk with two prolific wild artists, both based in Austin. Amy and Tammy each make art constantly as they roam, from the things and in the places they encounter. They will talk and visit.

Artist Walk with Christos Pathiakis
Saturday, June 17
10am meet at the Spyglass Trailhead of Barton Creek

Christos will lead us on a tour to his installation: seven lantern slide portals in the banks of the creek. Cold drinks and ice coffee served from a cooler. We’ll meet at 10am, and walk to the site at 10:30am.

Artist Happy Hour:
Rachael Starbuck, Jesse Cline, Hannah Spector, & Christos Pathiakis
Saturday, June 17
4pm at Northern-Southern

Rachael and Jesse are two of the three founders of Partial Shade, organizing wild, outdoor art, pre-pandemic and now. Hannah Spector, a conceptual artist, has a knack for searing a moment with an image-action. Christos Pathiakis shows underground tunnel installations internationally. They will talk about their work and whatever else.

Artist Run Club FROM Run: Highland
Tuesday, June 20
6:45am–meet at Reznicek Fields, off St. Johns near North Lamar
7 am—run

We’ll run the Highland and Skyview neighborhoods to see work by Sterling Allen and Jesse Cline. Sterling will run with us and talk about the work.

Artist Run Club FROM Run: Govalle Park
Friday, June 23
6:45am—meet at Govalle Park
7 am—run

We’ll run the Walnut Creek Trail to see work by Amy Scofield and Given McClure. Given will run with us and talk about the work.

Art x Bike:
12-mile ride to FROM sites led by Ash Duban
Thursday, June 22
7am meet at Northern–Southern

Ash will lead us on a mellow 12ish mile ride around Austin to see a lion’s share of the FROM sites. We’ll meet at 7am at Northern–Southern, ride at 7:30am.

Tillery Tree Tour led by Ann Armstrong
Saturday, June 24
8am at Flitch Coffee

Ann will take us on a Tree tour of the incredibly diverse trees living under the E. 7th St. Bridge at Tillery. Closed toe shoes and bug spray recommended. We’ll meet at 8am and walk at 8:30am.

Closing Reception
Sunday, June 25

Christos Pathiakis installation in the bank of Barton Creek.
Christos Pathiakis, installation in the bank of Barton Creek, 2021, 2023

Mar 25–Apr 30

Rachael Starbuck‘s work imagines touch and its absence. Ceramic pots bulge like bags with soil. Brass rods lithely support the stems of living plants. The plants, nurtured by Starbuck, are descended from cuttings from her childhood home in Florida. Hand-sized and pit-fired ceramic “handholds” echo the feel of Starbuck’s holding hands as if they were yours.

Michael Muelhaupt sculptures are functional furniture. With some, he Frankensteins surplus furniture parts into witty pastiches, like a ’00s Droog designer. Other pieces lovingly tease modernism, upholstering pirated classics with white socks or Starbuck’s father’s old leather belts. Gentle startles, the sculptures are comfortable in unexpected ways.

Jesse Cline‘s sculptures are puzzles as formal meditations. Tactile, oblique, and hypnotic, the pieces are answers without questions.

FITTING is Texas late-Covid, an earth-toned punk. Subversive by being kind, gentle, crafted, warm, life-scale. Their hands make homes.

read more:
Fitting: three zines, one by each artist [pdf]

“Sit and Stay Awhile” by Lauren Moya Ford for Glasstire

Photos by Alex Boeschenstein: