April 10, 2021

decay, renew, repeat
wild art in Austin, Texas and beyond

Laura Latimer
Giampiero Selvaggio
Christos Pathiakis
Amy Scofield
André Fuqua
Hannah Spector
Jesse Cline
Michael Muelhaupt
Rachael Starbuck
Cheyenne Weaver
Adreon Denson Henry
Vy Ngo
Emily Lee
Jonas Criscoe
Phillip Niemeyer
Alyssa Taylor Wendt


TOOO is a group show of wild art, installed outdoors in public spaces across Austin, Texas, and beyond, for the month of April 2021.

TOOO builds upon two preceding exhibitions, TO and TOO. TO was an outdoor show of paths and directions considered on the eve of a new lunar year. A month later, as the work from TO half-faded, TOO added new work, new paths. Now all but one work from TO remains. TOOO presents a set of renewed options a generation removed from their origins.

The work is wild art, sculptures and interventions mixing it up in semi-overlooked spaces dispersed across Austin. The art encompasses the experience of searching for the work.

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Organizer’s Statement

TOOO marks a year of Northern-Southern’s pandemic programming, mostly outdoor shows of socially distant wild art.

Each exhibition was dispersed in time and space in a new way. LEFT IN LEAVES trickled out at random, day by day. The artists improvised locations and works throughout May 2020. NO OUTLET opened all at once, an August bloom. Street signs were re-purposed as didactics. Each piece was installed at a marked dead end, options at the end of options. Sterling Allen’s PHOTOREALISM was a solo show on an over-lookable un-leased office ground. Allen’s work permeated the leave-behind and refuse, tipping the distinction between art and non-art toward universal transcendence. TO presented directions and paths as work. Work was not deinstalled; it decayed. TOO renewed TO; new works added to the surviving pieces.

TOOO renews TO a second time. Only one work remains from TO: Alyssa Taylor Wendt’s audio meditation on art scenes of the past. A few things hold on from TOO, but they too will fade before the term of the show. The artists in TOOO are a mix of old and new, all making new work. A new generation creates new paths.

We live in motion. Nothing remains still for even a second. We continue continuing, and continually change. Every breathe is a renewal.

The white walls are only in our minds.

—Phillip Niemeyer