Derek Beaulieu
Anselm Berrigan
Noel Black
Brenner Brenner
Jett Butler
Jean Cocteau
Hannah Cole
Glen Cummings & Adam Michaels
Neil Donnelly
Colin Frazer
Jeila Gueramian
Tony Hoaglang
Devin King
Bas Mantel
Dawn Lundy Martin
Dana McClure
Kristen Meyers
Victoria Messner
Lisa Lynn Moore
Hoa Nguyen
Phillip Niemeyer
Jiwon Park
Deborah M. Poe
Cindy St. John
Ksenya Samarskaya
Kyle Schlesinger
Kathie Sever
Simon Walker
Maia Wright
Chris Wu

A show of writing, lettering, typography, and/or art by graphic designers, artists, poets, and/or writers.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Northern–Southern published a zine pairing contemporary poets with typographic designers.

Jeila Gueramian
The letter, on the left, was written by Jean Cocteau to a friend in mirror-writing. It is decoded by the mirror on the right.
Colin Frazer
Northfork is a new monospaced typeface. The characters were vinyl-ed onto the baseboards, an exhibition way-finder.
Ksenya Samarskaya
Derek Beaulieu (text),
Neil Donnelly (typographic design)
from the LETTERS zine
Glen Cummings & Adam Michaels, X-Book, installation view