Where is Here is an attempt to photograph at least one person of every age—newborn to the most senior—of the people who live, work, grew up in, are from, or frequent the thereabouts of East Austin around East 12th Street.

From February 28 to March 23, the Northern–Southern gallery at East 12th near Chicon will be a hub for the photo-documentary project. We will invite people to have events (free!). A photographer will take pictures. We’ll also organize field trips to take photographs of people who can’t make it out. What we collect will be exhibited at the gallery.

We want to include you and your group, family, friends.

Where is Here is curated by Keyheira Keys & Phillip Niemeyer with Miriam Conner.

Photographers (a growing team): Tyeschea West, Arius Holifield, Hector Hernandez, Beartie Pearson