MARCH 2020


People of East Austin
Ages 0 to 100

Arius Holifield
Montinique Monroe
Tyeschea West
Bertie Pearson
Hector Hernandez
Ryan Junell

organized and curated by
Keyheira Keys & Phillip Niemeyer

Where is Here is a portrait of a community, circa 2019: photographs of people who live, work, grew up, or frequent the thereabouts of East Austin, one of every age, newborn to 100.

The photos were taken by six photographers, identified in the captions by their initials:
Arius Holifield – AH
Montinique Monroe– MM
Tyeschea West – TW
Bertie Pearson – BP
Hector Hernandez – HH
Ryan Junell – RJ


Where is Here took a year to plan and a year to execute. The first shoot was February 17, 2019. The last was February 18, 2020. The show opened with a reception February 29, 2020. It closed after a week to do our part to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. We posted the entire show, and some extras, above.

The people in these photographs each have a story: students, educators, musicians, barbers, bartenders, enthusiasts, journalists, police officers, politicians, theologians, thinkers, athletes, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, drop-outs, from old Austin families, and new arrivals.

You may know something about someone in one of the photos—tell us! —

We hope, as a next step, to document these stories.

This project is the effort of a collaborative community. This crew has a level of stick-to-it-ness that will be a pride to us always. Along the way we had help from so many: Monique Foley, Angelica at Parson House, all the great people at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center, Luci and Dana at Miller fine art printing, Adrian Armstrong of Brown State of Mind, Six Square, Miriam Conner, Paloma Mayorga and Big Medium, Rachel Freeman, James Turner, Stella Alesi, and Ashley Ellis.

We hope we have done our little bit to contribute to the history and love of this place.