Oct 1–24, 2021

Alec Dartley
Amanda Julia Steinback
Brianna McIntyre
Clark Most
Drew Liverman
Hannah Cole
Harrison Marshall
Michael Villarreal
Alan Watts

The paintings and works in LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION depict specific places, pins on a map: domestic nooks, urban corners, secret trees, vast lakes, remote plains, the scars of highways. What do we make of these places?

What, and when, is a place?

Alec Dartley (b. 1973, Englewood, New Jersey) paints his old home in Englewood, New Jersey. Dartley paints plein air. The work is began and completed at the site.

Amanda Julia Steinback (b. 1984 Posey County, Indiana) pairs photographs of locations in a synchronous entanglement. Steinback currently lives in Austin, Texas, a base for her routine solo cross-country photography trips.

Brianna McIntyre (b. 1992 St. Louis, Missouri) critiques I-35 between 12th Street and MLK. McIntyre is a sculptor and a object designer with a critical practice, living in Austin, Texas.

Clark Most (b. 1957 Petoskey, Michigan) hangs a large scale translucent photographic print of his favorite spot: the coast of Lake Michigan facing south toward Ludington. Most is a professor of design at Central Michigan University.

Drew Liverman (b. 1979 Groton, Connecticut) paints scenes of his home in East Austin, the yard of Momofunus studios, and a trail in Delaware. Liverman recently had an solo iterative drawing show with N–S, 2020’s PREMEMBER.

Hannah Cole (b. 1978 St. Louis, Missouri) watercolors touch-scale details of a street near her old studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and of a tree near an old family home in rural Maine. Cole currently lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina, where she shows with our friends, Tracy Morgan Gallery.

Harrison Marshall (b. 1974 New York, New York ) paints oil Morris Williams golf course in East Austin. An architect and painter, Marshall lives in Austin, Texas.

Michael Villarreal (b. 1987, Austin, Texas) paints with oils his family’s land in Lytton Springs, Texas. Villarreal is a professor at Texas State University, and a member of the ICOSA collective.

Alan Watts (b. 1974 Houston, Texas) built a clock to count down the time Northern-Southern has left at its downtown space. Watts is half of the duo CLAW. He currently works as an artist for Meow Wolf.

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION is organized by Phillip Niemeyer & Adreon Henry

THANK YOU: Stella Alesi, Rachel Freeman, James Turner, and Beth Nottingham