Jan 13–Feb 18

ENDLESS is a solo presentation of new woven sculptures by Donya Stockton.

Cane and reed embrace copper, driftwoods and Oaxacan seedpods. Impossible baskets tether to reminders and renewals, each named for a book.

January 13–February 18, 2024

Saturday, January 13, 5-8pm. non-alcoholic refreshments

Visiting Hours:
Thursday–Sunday, 2-6pm, beginning Sunday, January 14

Artist Talk:
Donya Stockton in conversation with mathematicians Maggie Miller & Lisa Piccirillo, and writer Ben Reed.
Sunday, 5pm, January 14

Donya Stockton, Glory, 2023, cane, reed, driftwood, framboyán, copper

Donya Stockton (b. 1972 Moore, Oklahoma) has been weaving baskets for more than twenty-five years. Her education is in traditional techniques, especially the basket forms of the indigenous people of the United States. She has shown most recently with Northern-Southern at A COMMITMENT TO WHAT IS BEFORE YOU, January 2022, with Alexandre Pépin and Ryan McKerley, then at NADA New York 2023. Stockton was a fixture of the pre-pandemic Austin creative community as a owner and curator of the bar/community spaces Beerland and Rio Rita. She currently lives, works, and studies traditional weaving, materials, and dyes in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Donya Stockton, The New One, 2023, cane, reed, driftwood, copper
Donya Stockton, The Betrothed, 2023 cane, reed, driftwood, framboyán pods, cochineal dye, indigo dye
June 2020

Thank you for helping us help our neighbors

To everyone,

Thank you for your support of our East 12th Street neighbors and friends Kane’s Barbershop and Altatudes. Late in the night, on May 31, their businesses burned in a fire. Thanks to you we raised over $70,000 split between them to help them restart. Many of the donations were from people who did not even know them, which is amazing!

A little about them:

Kane is reserved and resolute. He is a bootstrap kind of guy—he never asks for help. We started this Go Fund Me without asking first, in case he might try to stop us. His barbershop is a special place, an American melting pot. He employs barbers and gives haircuts to people of all cultures.

Alta Alexander is all unfiltered passion. She is warm and kind to her friends, and most everyone that meets her instantly becomes her friend. She has an eye for style, and a generous heart. Altatudes is a place where people can explore fashion as unpretentious joy. The angel wears Prada.

They are both entrepreneurs who have built their business facing risk and uncertainty. They both built something not just for themselves, but for their communities.

This is a crazy time, and every day we see images of cruelty. This campaign to help two friends in need has given us hope. It’s empowering. In dark moments one can wrongly think that our individual actions make little difference. This is not true. Our actions, good or bad, are drops of water. Together we can be a mighty wave. We can be a river of kindness and hope.

Thank you, friends, for the kindness and hope,

—Phillip Niemeyer & Keyheira Keys

Keyheira Keys is an organizer and curator. Phillip Niemeyer is an artist-designer and director of Northern-Southern. Together they organized the WHERE IS HERE project: portraits of the people of East Austin, ages 0-100. Both Alta and Kane were in the show.
Photo of Stephen Bass-Kane by Arius Holifield, part of WHERE IS HERE. Photo of Alta Alexander by Dwayne Hill.


Matthew Steinke

For his second solo show at Northern-Southern, Matthew Steinke installs rooms of new sound and motion sculptural robotics: machines to induce a hypnotic calm.

INDUCTIVES, combines sound, light, video, robotics, and visual art to explore interpretations of the term “inductivity”, often utilized in the field of hypnotherapy and electronic theory. Improvising from a recipe involving occult ritual, toy design, artificial intelligence, experimental video, and drone music, the autonomous instruments in the installation attempt to reprogram the psyches of their spectators.

This show is delayed while we await the resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. But it will happen!!

Spring-Summer 2018

Gallery Intern

Gallery Interns will have opportunities to contribute to the planning and execution of art and design exhibitions. They will be able to participate in the process—-working with artists, installing exhibitions, and hosting receptions and events.

Prospective interns with backgrounds graphic design, art, art history, general liberal arts, communications, are encouraged to apply. All applicants are welcome.

To apply:

— Email hello@northern-southern.com with the subject line “Intern 2018”

— Send a short resume/CV or LinkedIn page link, or link to a portfolio website

— Write a short paragraph about what you would hope to get out of an internship at N-S

— Tell us about the last three books you read or exhibitions you have attended. Please provide a 1-to-3 sentence thought on each.