OCT–DEC 2014


Adreon Denson Henry
Dan Forbes
David R Head Jr
Elana Adler
Hannah Cole
Jeana Baumgardner
Marsha Owett
Paul Kremer
Phillip Niemeyer
Shawn Camp
Vincent Venturella

Windows … outside, inside, open, closed, curtained, cracked, rear, stained, great, tiny, taped-up, jammed, clean, clear, cloudy, open, rolled-down, tinted, painted shut …

Vincent Venturella (photograph mounted on window),
Jeanna Braungardner (painting on wall on left)
Adreon Denson Henry
Phillip Niemeyer

A zine on the subject of eavesdrop was published to accompany the show. Nancy Kricorian, Ray Patrick Colgan, Kristen Meyers, Sherry Parnes, Chris Lyons, and Janet Thomae Higdon contributed.

Chris Lyons
page one of “Private Eye” from the WINDOWS zine

Derek Beaulieu
Anselm Berrigan
Noel Black
Brenner Brenner
Jett Butler
Jean Cocteau
Hannah Cole
Glen Cummings & Adam Michaels
Neil Donnelly
Colin Frazer
Jeila Gueramian
Tony Hoaglang
Devin King
Bas Mantel
Dawn Lundy Martin
Dana McClure
Kristen Meyers
Victoria Messner
Lisa Lynn Moore
Hoa Nguyen
Phillip Niemeyer
Jiwon Park
Deborah M. Poe
Cindy St. John
Ksenya Samarskaya
Kyle Schlesinger
Kathie Sever
Simon Walker
Maia Wright
Chris Wu

A show of writing, lettering, typography, and/or art by graphic designers, artists, poets, and/or writers.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Northern–Southern published a zine pairing contemporary poets with typographic designers.

Jeila Gueramian
The letter, on the left, was written by Jean Cocteau to a friend in mirror-writing. It is decoded by the mirror on the right.
Colin Frazer
Northfork is a new monospaced typeface. The characters were vinyl-ed onto the baseboards, an exhibition way-finder.
Ksenya Samarskaya
Derek Beaulieu (text),
Neil Donnelly (typographic design)
from the LETTERS zine
Glen Cummings & Adam Michaels, X-Book, installation view
APR–MAY 2017

CLAW (Chris Lyons & Alan Watts)
Joe McKay
Matthew Steinke
Leslie Sisson
Brandon Durham

BUTTONS was a show of interactive sculptures and objects designed to be pushed. Critical and playful, pieces combined the lowest and highest of techs.

CLAW, Wormhole Actualization Machine
Matthew Steinke, Automated Symphonia
Joe McKay, Flip Phone Telegraph

CLAW constructed a custom box to play a set of a compilation of button sounds by The Octopus Project, The Wrens, Jim Eno, Cookies, connect_icut, Katie Porter, Deison/Mingle, Philippe Petit, Vin Vinturella, and Sound Machine.

FEB 2014

Alec Dartley
Conrad Keely
Cristina Berretta
David R Head Jr
Marie Hejl Saba
Peelander-Yellow (Kengo Hioki)
Genevieve Niemeyer
Ryan Junell
Tae Won Yu
Tanya Newton John
Tyler Mallory

A show of art and design on an elusive goal, happiness. Pieces ranged from the quiet and nostalgic to the effervescent and immediate.

Toto Miranda
Felicia Rains performing Bach in front of a drawing of the surf by Alec Dartley at the HAPPINESS closing.
OCT–DEC 2013

Ben DiPietro
Brandon Durham
Carlos Orozco
Chris Lyons & Alan Watts (C.L.A.W.)
Dan Forbes
Jené DeSpain
Kristen Scott
Mary Becky Cortez
Mike Reddy
Ryan Junell

The first show at the 1800 Koenig space was LUCK, an inquiry into the nature, culture, and experience of fortune.

Dan Forbes, photographs of four and five leaf clovers, installation view
Ben DePietro
Carlos Orozco
“The Eye of the Pyramid” is a game of pure chance with a single button. One in hundred wins. Every other push loses with different amounts of build up.
Brandon Durham
Durham is a programmer and designer. He created a website that logs a users’ favorite number and why. For the site he designed a custom set of numbers.