Thursday, April 11

Bill McCullough & Barry Stone

Mountains in Stars – Watch the Years Gather

Bill McCullough joins Barry Stone to perform high lonesome music and share photography in the natural reverb of Northern-Southern gallery. 

In the gallery is Bill McCullough’s solo exhibition, Field Patterns and Test Recordings.

Barry Stone celebrates the release of Mountains in Stars – Watch the Years Gather, a limited edition LP accompanied by a book of photographs by Charles Wood, Stone’s great-grandfather. Stone and McCullough will perform work from the album, on guitar and pedal steel.

Thursday, April 11, 4pm

Part of Fusebox 2024

Tuesday, Mar 14
2–6 pm

Keyheira Keys
Cranky Granny's
Kicking It ATX
RDC World
Hera Rum

“Running a business, particularly a small business takes creativity that is shown in the product, the story, and the people behind it. The first KBDB is a tribute to the art of the entrepreneur. A retail as art exhibit that showcases Austin-based businesses and highlights black culture. It blends the lines of art and consumerism and begs the question of art and how we define it for ourselves.

“In the midst of SXSW, one of the most popular times of the year for the city, we want to pay homage to that creative business owner and allow them a space to share their art with those in town.”

— Keyheira Keys

Mar 4-5

Katherine Vaughn & Ryan McKerley

Woo Nerk is a scored duet performance for dance and ceramics.

Katherine Vaughn & Ryan McKerley make new work before the audience at the moment of exhibition. They collide and integrate.

Woo Nerk brings shape from earth and body. It is a celebration of creation at its instance.


Saturday Performance, March 4

complimentary cocktails by Phillip Niemeyer
limited seating


Saturday Rehearsal Matinee, March 4


Sunday Matinee, March 5

Katherine Vaughn is a dancer and performance artist. Ryan McKerley is a potter. They are friends and former roommates.

Nov 30–Dec 3

Laura Lit at NADA Miami

Northern-Southern’s first art fair. Laura Lit at NADA Miami. Email if you would like a preview, and we’ll send you one.

Laura Lit, NADA booth, in the center:
“Crumbcatcher”, 2022, wood, foam, paper, cardboard, paperclay, resin, acrylic, oil, 5’x4’x6″
Sunday, October 2

Postcard Mail Art Exhibition

one day only

organized by Josh Ronsen

For the last three years, Josh Ronsen invited Mail Artists to send him art works as postcards, and in exchange he would send unique handmade postcards back. 182 artists submitted 327 postcards, many of them stunningly beautiful and creative. Works came from 29 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, France, South Africa, Ukraine, Serbia, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Japan.

All of the postcards, with Ronsen’s responses, and his personal collection of Mail Art will be on display at Northern-Southern gallery for only one day: Sunday, October 2, 2022, from 2-6pm.

As the work is as tactile as well as visual, visitors are welcome to handle and touch the postcards.

press release [pdf]

Sunday, April 10

Leave a book you love for another (with a note).

Take a book another loves (with a note).

Mingle with others who love books.

Sunday, April 10

Drop into Northern-Southern Sunday 3-5pm with an extra copy of a book you love. Leave it on a table with a note in it or on it, and take a book somebody else leaves. You can bring more than one book, if you wish.

There will be coffee, tea, and cool drinks, too. You can stay and chat, and check out the show fitting, a perfect one for stillness and book flipping.

Mar 13

Drew Liverman
J. Johari Palacio
live painting
Katherine Vaughn

Drew Liverman and J. Johari Palacio painted live between 11am and 5pm. Katherine Vaughn danced, unexpectedly between around 3pm. Palacio also DJ’d.

The one day party coincided with the SXSW music festival. Downtown Austin was perfect and bonkers Sunday, March 13, 2022, 11am–5pm.

Food provided by Baby Greens. Drinks sponsored by Jack Daniels. Big thanks to them!

WATCH PAINT DRY was organized by Keyheira Keys and Phillip Niemeyer.

Saturday, Feb 12, noon

Art Praxis Reading Group

Art Praxis Reading Group will meet at Northern-Southern, Saturday, February 12, noon.

You are invited to join! Email to RSVP

The group will discuss craft, being true to ourselves. The conversation will center around the final pages of Kae Tempest‘s book “On Connection” and the quote by Sophie Taeuber-Arp printed below.

Download the pdf of the last pages of Kae Tempest’s “On Connection”

In our complicated times, I have frequently asked myself why do we do such embroideries at all when there are so many more practical and especially more necessary things to do. I believe the urge to make things more beautiful is a deep and primeval one. Only when we go into ourselves and attempt to be entirely true to ourselves will we succeed in making things of value, living things, and in this way, help to develop a new style that’s fitting for us.

–Sophie Taeuber-Arp, 1922

Art Praxis Reading Group is organized by Charles Heppner with Naomi Schlinke, Jeffrey Primeaux, Tom Athey, Stella Alesi, Tyler Hobbs, Sydney Yeager and others.

Jan 7-8

FESTO FEST was a festival of manifestos. Public and personal ‘festos from 52 artists and others were displayed on the walls of Northern-Southern gallery, January 7–8, 2022.

Download all the Festos (pdf)

Festo Fest was organized by Suzanne Wyss, Ann Armstrong, and Phillip Niemeyer.


Adreon Henry
Alex Keller
Alicia Philley
Alyssa Taylor Wendt Ann Armstrong Annette D Carlozzi Audrey Molloy Barbara Purcell Barry Stone
Bryan Metzdorf
Chad Rea
Charles Heppner Christina Moser Christopher Lee Kennedy Christos Pathiakis
Darcie Book
Del Wieding
Emma C Schmidt
Emma Hadzi Antich
Eric Brehm
Given McClure de Sanchez Goodluckhavefun
Hallie Rae Ward
Hannah Cole
Henry Smith
Igor Siddiqui
Jerome Pelitera Josh Rosen Jules Buck Jones Juliet Whitsett Liz Rodda
Lydia Garcia Madeline Irvine Marcie Walker Meredith Miller Michael Hambouz Naomi Schlinke Nicole Sara Simpkins Oliva Iris
Owòlabi Aboyade & Bridget Frances Quinn Patrick Wyss
Phillip Niemeyer
Preetal Shah
Seth Daulton
Sono Osato
Sonya Gonzales Spencer Cook Stella Alesi Suzanne Wyss
Ted Carey
Vanessa Gelvin Wayne Alan Brenner

On ‘Festos:

The word “manifesto” formally came into the English language in the early 1600’s, via Italy, with its roots in the Latin word “manifestus,” meaning: clearly visible, public, conspicuous. Artist manifestos weren’t formally documented until the mid 1800’s. Festo Fest had its beginnings more recently. It grew out of a chance conversation between Phillip Niemeyer, Suzanne Wyss, and Ann Armstrong at a Co-Lab opening this past fall. The dialogue began around the topic of a land ethic and then veered into how intention setting often leads to manifestation.

Manifestos can reflect who you are and what you believe historically, and/or foreshadow what you want to become/embody/see in the world. Writing one is a way to get into your head and clarify your own musings. And then—it’s also nice to get out of your head and read other’s manifestations.

We like to think the further you put your manifesto out there (i.e. on a wall at Festo Fest) the more likely you are to embody, act on, or realize your festo.

Many thanks to all those who shared theirs!

— Ann Armstrong

January 2020


Final photo shoots

We are collecting the last batch of photos for WHERE IS HERE, a project to photograph the people of East Austin, one of each age, 0-100.

If you know anyone special to the East Side who should be photographed, please contact us. We can send a photographer and curator to meet them where they are most comfortable.

November 15
7–11 pm
E.A.S.T. 2019

Party at the Foundry

celebrate permanent installations of art and design by

Stella Alesi
Jaime Zuverza
Rachel Freeman
Transmountain Design
Michael Krumenacker (Blue Sky Design)
Simon Walker
Phillip Niemeyer
4th Edition Design

Northern–Southern curated a collection of art and design by Austin makers for Cielo Property Group’s new building: the Foundry at East 4th and Comal, East Austin. The sustainable, mixed use building features new permanent installations by Stella Alesi, Blue Sky Design, Rachel Freeman & 4th Edition Design, Phillip Niemeyer, Transmountain Design, Simon Walker, and Jamie Zuverza.

Cielo is throwing a party for E.A.S.T. 2019 to celebrate:
Friday, November 15
7–11 pm

1501 E. 4th Street, Austin, TX, 78702

Drinks, DJs, and Conversation
Ample Parking Onsite

The party is produced by Velvet Cartel

press release [pdf]

Stella Alesi installation at the Foundry

Where is Here is a project to photograph at least one person of every age—newborn to the most senior—of the people who live, work, grew up in, are from, or frequent the thereabouts of East Austin around East 12th Street.

We want to include you and your group, family, friends.

Where is Here is curated by Keyheira Keys with Phillip Niemeyer.

Photographers (a growing team): Tyeschea West, Arius Holifield, Hector Hernandez, Beartie Pearson, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Ryan Junell

Special thanks to Miriam Conner.

Saturday Nov 17

Gretchen Phillips & Pico Farad
ambient set
Saturday, November 17

Pico Farad will perform in front of ‘SCAPES by artist Joseph Phillips.

The whole shebang is presented by Phillip Niemeyer, director of Northern–Southern and huge fan of Joseph and Gretchen. Don’t miss! It may be Gretchen Phillips’s last show before moving Canada!

Mikki Gibson
(not Phillips) will open with a short, acoustic set of thoughtful new songs at 3pm.

Deadline OCT 9, 2018

Register to Vote in Travis County

Register to vote by mail. You cannot reliably register to vote online. Here’s a link to a printable pdf form:


Only valid for Travis County, Texas. You can get these postcards, free, at any Pubic Library or at Northern-Southern gallery. The postcards can be mailed postage free.If you can’t get to a library or N-S, print this out, sign and mail.

Deadline: Before October 9, 2018

Sunday, September 9, 2:30pm

Elaine I-Ling Shen & Alyssa Taylor Wendt

Circular Reading

Elaine I-Ling Shen & Alyssa Taylor Wendt will lead us in an intimate, participatory text seance.

Participants should arrive no later than 3:00 pm.


Put down blankets
Intro to discussion of randomness, divination fitting narratives

Pass out books. Participants randomly select passage/sentence. Open discussion.

Facebook Event

The WHY ANNUAL group show will also be on view.

New Years Day 2018

Jana Horn opens

Tae Won Yu of Kicking Giant performed an intimate set of songs at Northern-Southern on a record-cold New Year’s Day. Jana Horn opened. The show was free and attended by people of all ages.

Tae Won Yu performing in front of work by Anne Austin Pearce, January 1, 2018.
DEC 15-16

Matthew Steinke & Octant : CHRISTMAS

Northern-Southern presents Matt Steinke’s fourth annual Christmas Concert featuring new robotic instruments and other inventions.

The concert is for all audiences (kid-friendly, grandparent-friendly, jaded teen-friendly, etc)! Admission is free, but seating is limited. Chairs are available on a first-come, first-seated basis.

The concert will be hosted by Mission: Possible! at its Sanctuary,
1190 Chicon St, Austin, TX 78702.

Two shows:
Friday Evening, December 14, 8 pm
Saturday Matinee, December 15, 1 pm

Facebook event

Nov 11-12 and 18-19

EAST #113

Conrad Keely
Rebecca Whitehurst

Saturday Nov 11

Conrad Keely performs 7pm

Sunday Nov 12

Saturday Nov 18

Rebecca Whitehurst performs 3pm

Sunday Nov 12

Clarevon performs 2-4pm